Nice to Meet You

Hello everyone. We are excited to share what we do on the ranch, how we do it, and most importantly, why we do it.

Wickens Ranch is located in the rolling hills, and beautiful Missouri river breaks near the bustling metropolis of Winifred. It was homesteaded by our great-grandfather John Lawrence Wickens in 1911, and currently five generations of the Wickens family have called this ranch "home".

We raise cattle, horses, hay, pigs, and semi-domesticated children. At the Wickens Ranch we have immense gratitude for the land, animals, air, and water we are so blessed to look after. That responsibility is not taken lightly, and we are excited to bring anyone who is interested along for the ride!

Free Delivery in Bozeman, Big Sky, Livingston & Belgrade, Montana


Phone: (406)-366-1752

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