Why did we start Wickens Ranch?

Animals are not inanimate widgets whose only purpose is to provide us with calories. They are to be respected for the vital role they play on this earth.

Our current industrialized food system is destroying small town America and has created such a segmented business model that consumers no longer have any idea what country their beef comes from, let alone what producer.

Margins are so thin for farmers and ranchers that it is a struggle for many to continue to operate.

Large numbers of smaller producers will take better care of the land and animals than a small number of large producers.

A highly centralized food system is very susceptible to disease outbreaks (workers and animals).

4 meatpackers process around 75% of all beef in the United States.

2 of those companies are now controlled by companies based in Brazil.

Farmers and ranchers earn $.08 of every food dollar spent. We shoulder the huge responsibility of taking care of the animals, land, families, and communities on a pathetic share of the pie.

Technology is now allowing us to communicate and deliver our premium Montana beef directly to our friends who care where their meat comes from.

We no longer need to rely on these large multinational companies to control how we sell our products.

Montana is brimming with wealth that is currently shipped out of our great state in cattle trailers.

Young families can’t afford to raise their children in the rural town they grew up in.

It is time for rural Montana and urban Montana to be reconnected, and the best way for that to happen is around the dinner table. We would love to have a seat at your table so we can swap stories, tell tall tales, and find out how we can work together to bring some resilience back to our agriculture economy in Montana.

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