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Homesteaded in 1911 by our great-grandfather, John, the rolling grasslands we call home are ideal cattle country. For over a century, our cows have grazed these beautiful hills and valleys between the Moccasin Mountains and the Missouri River Breaks. 

But the Wickens family is more than just fourth-generation Montana cowboys, committed to tradition and hard work. We're also learners and innovators, re-imagining the future of ranching. We bring stewardship and sustainability into everything we do. Wickens Ranch is dedicated to creating a better tomorrow — for our family and yours, our fellow farmers and ranchers, for the cattle we raise, and for the landscape itself.

Wickens Ranch raises cattle using holistic and sustainable ranching practices. Our animals are humanely tended, grass-fed, and finished on local, food-grade peas on our fourth-generation, family-run ranch, before being processed and dry-aged here in Montana. 


Local, sustainably raised beef you can feel great about cooking for friends and family. 



Why Wickens Ranch Beef?

Sustainable land management practices.

Our family ranch is at the forefront of regenerative agriculture, grazing our cattle based on Allan Savory's principles. We are participating in a global movement, working to restore and strengthen the health of the world's grasslands through holistic management of our cattle and our landscapes.

Local Food Re-imagined

Through our platform you can have a personal connection with the source of your beef while enjoying the modern conveniences of online shopping and contactless home delivery.

Dry-aged, vacuum-sealed, flash-frozen.

Our beef is butchered in independently-owned, USDA-inspected plants, here in Montana, where it dry-ages for 14 days. The aging process results in an intensified flavor and unbeatable tenderness. Then the meat is vacuum-sealed and flash-frozen to preserve its taste and juiciness, with the added benefits of safety, convenience, and less food waste. From there, it’s ready to ship directly to your freezer.

Grass-fed, pea-finished cattle.

Compared with typical corn-finished cows, our cattle mature at a slower, more natural pace and given a full additional summer of grazing free on healthy Montana grass. Yearlings are finished in Wickens Ranch feedlots with food-grade green and yellow peas, and garbanzo beans, grown and harvested by our neighbors. Finishing cattle on these local, human-grade legumes creates a more delicious beef product, without ever sacrificing the animal's health.

Delivered direct to your door.

When you order Wickens Ranch beef there is no complicated supply chain, no “country of origin” labeling issues. Full confidence in the quality and integrity of the beef you feed your family. Our desire is to bring rural and urban back together over the dinner table, through beef you can trace, trust, and love to cook.

Generational ranchers who love and respect the land.

Humus and humanus — Latin for fertile ground and human — share their root word. Even in Hebrew, the name Adam translates to the man who was made from the ground. We believe the relationship between humans and the earth is ancient and vital — and remembering this relationship, protecting it through healthy agricultural practices, is necessary for humanity's shared wellbeing. 

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Healthy, delicious, convenient beef, directly from Montana ranchers you can trust.


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Premier Restaurant Partner

Wickens Ranch is the exclusive provider of ground beef to the elegant Kimpton Armory Hotel in Bozeman, MT 

Mark Musial

Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants

Executive Chef

“We are so happy to be working with Wickens Ranch for our ground beef, it is the perfect product for our Royale with Cheese in the Tune-up Basement Bar.”

MONTANA BEEF - Free Delivery in Bozeman & Belgrade, Montana - not local? Weekly Pick Up available Bozeman